The Dock Diaries

Tell us about your visit to The Dock & why you think it has Naples' best laid-back atmosphere & food... Click the 'testimonial" link at bottom.
I worked at the Dock about 30 years ago and I am just now reviewing your web site.

The restaurant looks the same but the food has changed. Back in the day most of the food was fried and served in baskets and chowder in mugs. I remember having a lot of fun working there. Always something happening like block parties with steel drums and the canoe races. Some day I hope to visit the Dock again. From the web site it looks like it is still a fun place to be.

Lorie / A Snowbird looking south again
-Lorie Eagle

My mother lives in Naples. When visiting her, if I dont get to The Dock for lunch or dinner, I feel totally cheated. It is our families special place. My mother turns 95 on January 9th and my sister, my son and I are flying down. We would like to take her to brunch on Sunday, the 10th, and then go to the balloon release. Do we need reservations? If so, could we make reservations for 12:30 for 4? Thank you so much.
- Marilyn Trubey

our favourable dining site in naples
-dick van alstyne

We just moved to Naples from South Jersey where we had alot of waterfront restaurants. We are looking forward to visiting soon after seeing you web site.
-Jim Ebert

The Dock is an island unto itself filled with wonderful food and great ambiance in a relaxed tropical atmosphere. Let's not forget the staff who are the best and of course last but not least the beautiful view of the bay.
Our favorite memories of meeting good friends or a one on one evening with a glass of wine looking out over the bay has been at the Dock
Needless to say we love it!

-Sharon and Bob Johnson

Never had a bad meal at the Dock
- Anthony Monteleone

Can't wait to get there May 22nd for our eight annual trip to Naples and the tradition of eating at the Dock our first night in town.
The fresh caught mackerel we brought in from the charter boat was prepared perfectly for lunch two years ago.
-Dan and Jerrlyn Jones

lived there in 1976 and 1977 and saw the original canoe races (had many friends participating) - was in some volleyball games and I think we had a pic on your wall back then - have returned many times - but have not been there in many years now. Hope to be there for your next canoe race in 2010. - Naples, FL is one of my favorite places in the world.
-Dawn Bruce

the best sea food in fla.we wait all year for the dock time
-bill dambrosio

Arriving in Naples April 2. The Dock is our absolute favorite restaurant. Love everything about it. See you soon.
-Dpnna Ciccone

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