The Dock Diaries

Tell us about your visit to The Dock & why you think it has Naples' best laid-back atmosphere & food... Click the 'testimonial" link at bottom.
Can't wait to get there May 22nd for our eight annual trip to Naples and the tradition of eating at the Dock our first night in town.
The fresh caught mackerel we brought in from the charter boat was prepared perfectly for lunch two years ago.
-Dan and Jerrlyn Jones

Have been here many times over the years. Almost always come by boat.
-Jim Williams

We have been down here 3 years full time now,We love the Dock and always bring our visiting guests,and all new owners in our condo complex.Everyone leaves having a great time ,the food is excellant and the wait staff is wonderful.We are Manhatten N.Y. people we have had great food,but we are thrilled with The Dock.Thankyou!
-Kathy&Wally Travis

Thank you for the BEST lunch ever! The sea bass was simply sinful and the view was perfect. The service was great. Danny knows how to pick them!
-Kathy Hankins

just the way to end a vacation, great food with great friends,
thank you,
- anthony vitale

I've lived here since 1978 and for some unknown reason just discovered the Dock today. What a wonderful surprise, Kobe burger was great, Service was wonderful and the view unbelievable ... we will be back often
-Janette Martino

I was there opening day and it's been a home run every time we go back.. Everybody is your friend and treats you so that you want to go back.. It's trhe old Naples I knew as a kid back in the 40's and I hope it never changes.. Thanks Vinny..
-Nick Carsillo

We just returned home (in North Naples) after having an excellent dinner at the Dock. Chad, our server was exceptional and in addition to the great food, will be the primary reason for our return soon. We will be sure to pass on our positive experience to all our friends and relatives!

I lived in Estero just north of Naples for a short time in 2004' and had several pleasant visits to The Dock. I'm moving back to Florida in 2010' and the first thing I want is an order of your grouper and chips and a really cold Long Island Iced Tea. Don't change anything till' I get there!!
-Bob Gonder

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