The Dock Diaries

Tell us about your visit to The Dock & why you think it has Naples' best laid-back atmosphere & food... Click the 'testimonial" link at bottom.

our favourable dining site in naples
-dick van alstyne

great place. see you on the 19th of feb tru the 19th
- charles branigan

Have been here many times over the years. Almost always come by boat.
-Jim Williams

We like your restaurant being so close to our sailboat. Now we don't cook on the boat. I wonder why?
-Tom and Pat Cooper

excellent website, would like to try the restaurant
- Paul Runstedler

A visit to Naples would not be complete without a visit to the Dock. It's just simply Naples at its freshest and best After dinner, a walk out on to the boat dock is a must.
-Bill & Sheila Strenkert

Love the Dock! Thats truly the way to appreciate Naples living!
-Connie Allen

I am going to need another five pound lobster for my other grand children. The last one was delicious and we have to be fair to the other boys.
You really have the greatest staff and food. Thanks, Peter H
-Peter Hanley

We just moved to Naples from South Jersey where we had alot of waterfront restaurants. We are looking forward to visiting soon after seeing you web site.
-Jim Ebert

We have been down here 3 years full time now,We love the Dock and always bring our visiting guests,and all new owners in our condo complex.Everyone leaves having a great time ,the food is excellant and the wait staff is wonderful.We are Manhatten N.Y. people we have had great food,but we are thrilled with The Dock.Thankyou!
-Kathy&Wally Travis

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