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Our Story

The Dock is one of Naples' most beloved restaurants - a piece of local history almost 50 years in the making.

The Early Days

Vin DePasquale first opened The Dock Restaurant on Friday the 13th, 1976. There was nothing unlucky about that day - when the doors opened there were over 200 people standing outside waiting to come in. Naples was just a sleepy little fishing village back then - with a city population of just over 12,000. 

A local landmark, The Dock has always attracted both residents and visitors alike who have been drawn to the restaurant's relaxed atmosphere and the glimmering waters of Naples Bay.

Now in its latest chapter, this iconic space has been revamped to feature an elevated selection of award-winning seafood and a world-class bar program. While some changes deviate from "what used to be", the restaurant has uncompromisingly preserved the original ethos and sense of community that dates back to the early days of 1976.

The Great Dock Canoe Race

Originally designed as an end-of-year party for our staff, The Great Dock Canoe Race (also known as "Canoe Races") has become a long-time tradition for thousands of Naples residents and visitors alike. Many of the pictures that line our walls highlight this great tradition and help honor our small place is our community's history